Durable Self-Dumping Hoppers

  1. 12 gauge thick steel body with continuous weld for superior strength.
  2. Formed top with reinforced front body angle for optimum strength.
  3. Z-bar base with exclusive extruded trunnion track & taper pins for wear resistance.
  4. Ductile iron lift up release handle with secure flip latch. RHINO safety green paint.

The mechanical hopper release system is designed for the operator to effectively transport and dump materials while remaining seated on the forklift truck.

This option is the perfect application used when the hopper is at an elevated dumping height.

Caster and wheel sets come in a variety of combinations to fit your specific needs. A complete set includes two swivel rear casters and two rigid front casters. 
Covers prevent material from falling out of hopper during transport.

Our open channel bases are standard on all Durable model hoppers, and 2 1/2 cu. yd. and smaller Rugged and Ultimate Strength hoppers.

All paint is enamel on steel without primer. Safety green is our standard color on all hoppers and containers unless otherwise specified.

Roura’s Band Cutter option is a safe and efficient way to dispose of your used banding material issues.

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