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BAKJAM STEEL FABRICATION is a Mechanical Engineering and Steel Fabrication Company established in Dubai since the Year 2000 and has been engaged in fabrication and erection of Steel structures and Industrial Fabrications ever since.

Over the years the company has undertaken 1000's of tons of subcontract fabrication works throughout the UAE and left its mark on such iconic projects as Dubai International Airport terminals, Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa, Dubai Metro, Sowha Island Development and several other large projects. Since the downturn of construction activity in the year 2008 the company decided to diversify into manufacture of construction related equipment and today, in the year 2019, it has come a long way and established itself as a market leader in the range of equipment it manufactures.

Bakjam Steel Fabrication takes pride in presenting its range of material handling and storage equipment under its flagship Brand RHINO. Bakjam Steel Fabrication manufactures Stackable Steel Pallets, Cold Store Pallets and Converters, Steel Stillages, Bins and Wire Baskets, Gas Bottle Racks, Crane and Forklift Man Baskets, and Misc other Industrial Equipment.
RHINO Self Dumping Hoppers

Self Dumping Hoppers are one of the most important tools on the shop floor of any sizable manufacturing unit. The Self Dumping Hopper does what the conventional wheel barrow has been doing for hundreds of years, filling, moving and dumping materials from one point to another.  The Self Dumping Hopper does it better than the wheel barrow in that it carries much larger payloads in many more efficient ways and with minimal human interaction. 

RHINO Self Dumping Hoppers are by far the best Self Dumping Hoppers manufactured anywhere in the Middle East and this is evident from the fact that with over a 100 end users and with over 3000 units sold there hasn't been a single complaint of malfunction or premature wear n tear. RHINO Self Dumping Hoppers stand out from the rest due to the extreme diligence that goes into the fabrication of each unit. The manufacturing process starts with the selection of quality steel, Grade ASTM A 36, of suitable thickness for each critical component. All components going into the tipping and tilting of RHINO Self Dumping Hoppers are laser cut for dimensional accuracy and perfect movement of the bucket on the rockers. Buckets for RHINO Self Dumping Hoppers are internally and externally continuously welded construction with additional buffering of all the corners and impact points. Similarly the Rocker assembly, the release and snap lock assembly and the Chassis are manufactured with the highest degree of professionalism so as to produce a Self Dumping Hopper that could proudly stand in league with the leading brands on the world markets.  PROUDLY MADE IN DUBAI is our tag line.   


Many of our items listed are tested and as such are supplied with test certification. All other items are of commercial quality and should be used accordingly. If in doubt use only tested items, especially for lifting purposes. Please note that we only sell top quality products and are continuously working to improve and monitor levels of quality in our products and service.

  1. Food Processing

  2. Hoppers Garbage

  3. Hoppers Scrap

  4. Hoppers Waste

  5. Hoppers Glass

  6. Hoppers Recycling

Corporate Culture

  • Innovation & Sharing — Building the spirit of innovation and willing to share.

  • Invincible competition ability — Do what others won’t do, and do what others can’t do.

  • Consistent action — Convergence of ideas, inclusiveness and mutual learning, solidarity and mutual assistance, unity of purpose.

Our Factory

Our Factory culture is great.


 In order to improve the quality of service, we perfect our working process and train our staff regularly, establishing the working discipline “Quality, Price and Service”. 

Certificate & Honor

Our Company has the following certificats. 

  • ISO9001:2015



  • Material Manufacture Certificate

  • Certificate of Quality

  • Approval Certificate for Manufacturing Process