More about RHINO self dumping hoppers
After dumping the contents the hopper automatically returns to an upright, locked position. Ready for reloading.
How Self Dumping Hopper Works?

RHINO self dumping hopper is a convenient piece of equipment for forklifts, because it can be operated by one person. The use of a dumping hopper is fairly easy and also safe, when used in the right way:

  • Pick up the hopper with the forklift by placing the forks in the tubes.

  • Tilt the hopper backwards to prevent it from slipping of the forks.

  • Attach the safety chain to the forklift carriage for extra security.

  • Load the hopper with waste or scraps and transport it.

  • Dump the contents by pulling a latch or pressing a bumper.

  • When emptied the hopper rolls back into its upward position.

  • The unit will re-latch and locking itself back for reloading.

There are two release variants for self dumping hoppers. One is with a latch or pull cable and the other one is with a bumper. The cable and bumper are used to release the hopper to dump the load for example in a large container.
RHINO self dumping hopper is a great piece of forklift equipment.

Features of RHINO self dumping hoppers

All steel construction Safety restraint is provided to secure the hopper to the fork truck Hopper automatically dumps when bumper release contacts the side of the dumpster Hopper automatically returns to an upright and locked position after it dumps Includes a cable that may be operated from the seat of the fork truck to manually dump the hopper